I am a husband, father of 3 boys, am endless inquisitive and try wherever possible to be innovative.  I have worked for the last 10 years trying to use technology to ensure teachers can be as productive as possible.  This has involved launching VLE’s within schools, providing consultancy for both schools and business on using technology to engage students and leading on whole school ICT development.   Currently I am an Assistant Headteacher at a large comprehensive high school in the UK; I lead on Employability and Enrichment, and am working on a project with students using an online platform to make positive career choices when moving through school.  I became a MIE Expert in September 2016 followed by becoming an MIEE trainer in October 2016.  My focus is in using OneNote Class Notebooks to organise classes, Sway to engage learners and am part of a trial within school using a Surface Pro 4 to make teachers more productive. I am involved in supporting the schools Technology Enhanced Learning programme and lead the schools learning and teaching Twitter (@caludonlandt). I have just started a new blog at and tweet @inquisiitveedu.





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